Dominate Winter in the Coziest NYC Coffee Shops

Winter is clearly not over, so let’s just succumb to it. That’s my new attitude. It makes bundling up in my long down coat, strangling myself in scarves and facing uncomfortable cold-sidewalk-to-hot-subway conditions just a little bit easier.

In the spring, we kind of have to be outside, wearing flip-flops as soon as it turns 60 degrees, picnicking in the park, etc. But in February, we have an excuse to sit cozily in a corner café, drinking tea and eating giant flakey pastries. So, as I escape to Austin, Texas this weekend (ha!), I leave you with a few of the coziest places to chill out with a cup of coffee and free Wi-Fi:


West Village

Don’t walk too fast down Jane St. because you might miss the tiny door to this hidden gem. This place feels like grandma’s house, with plants haphazardly hung from nooks and crannies, people closely crammed into creaky wooden chairs and overall warm and comforting vibes. I love it. Grab a cookie, a cup of Joe in a big colorful mug and stay for as long as you want.

Grounded in the West Village offers organic and vegan options. I thought I should note this, even though veganism confuses me. Is “veganism” a word?

B Cup Café

East Village, Alphabet City

From the funky music to the groovy décor, B Cup Café is hipster-meets-hippie all the way. Grab a cushy seat, order a cappuccino and catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

b cup
B Cup is located on Avenue B…that’s why it’s called B Cup. Get it?


Ground Central

Midtown East

If you ever find yourself in need of a reprieve in Midtown East, Ground Central will absolutely deliver. Walking in there for my first time, I was surprised to find a cute café with a large variety of coffee drinks, tea options and pastries like the croissant donut. Walking towards the back, the place becomes an inviting hidden library, with happy hipsters reading their books and nooks.

Ground Central
Photo credit: Ground Central,

Editor’s Note:

*Yes, these are pics of my friend Lauren again, disapproving of me taking pictures of her in coffee shops. Sorry I’m not sorry, Lauren.


  1. Thanks for the follow on my travel blog. Yours is loaded with great tips and I look forward to reading more. I nearly moved to New York about 40 years ago—ended up in Australia instead. I wear glasses too. 🙂

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