Where to Play this Winter

It is clear: the weather sucks. It’s painful to go out to bars these days in the city.

So instead of escaping to Florida, a few friends and I flew South, to Brooklyn, to experience the next best thing: The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

Wait right there – you’re most likely picturing 80-year-old couples duking it out on a cruise ship. Close, but no. Instead, picture hipsters conversing in cabanas, sipping mason jar cocktails and bopping and shimmying through an indoor playground of trivial pursuit, boggle and shuffleboard courts. I see it all and immediately think: If this is anything like retirement, I can’t wait.

First stop: Checking in and getting a number for the shuffleboard waitlist. We arrived at about 9:30pm, but I suggest getting there even earlier. We were there for about three hours before our number got called.

The Royal Palms, Brooklyn, Shuffleboard

Drink stop: The bar. Choice between delicious (but $12) cocktails, and the usual draught beers (around $6…not bad).

The Royal Palms, drinks

Next up: Explore the area. The Royal Palms just oozes fun. It’s a huge 1950s (60s?) Florida-themed space, with palm trees, flamingoes and shuffleboard courts surrounded by cabanas and servers dressed as cabana boys/girls. Plus, there’s a fun photobooth spot.

Photobooth, The Royal Palms

Food stop: The Papaya King food truck was parked at a window. They have a different food truck each day of the week.

Papaya King, food truck

Cue montage of serious board-game-playing at available tables, binging on curly fries from the food truck and dancing through the shuffleboard lanes to old school funk music. Oh, we also played shuffleboard too. I lost, I suck. But it was fun! And only $40 per hour – a good price for a big group.

The royal palms, games

the royal palms, the bar

shuffleboard court

the royal palms, music

It was our playground five straight hours, and should be your playground too, at some point this winter.


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