The Best No-Hassle NYC Brunch

In New York City, brunch is a privilege, not a right. It’s where the dream of free-flowing mimosas and fluffy waffle towers is born and then immediately dies in your traumatized hands. As we fool ourselves, standing in three-hour lines, freezing for the trendiest new brunch hotspot, we can’t help but feel…helpless.

But I’m here to tell you to keep the dream alive! There are hassle-free brunch places in the city, and they are just as impressive as those places with three-hour waiting lists, and four-month-deep reservations.

Keeping in mind the main BRUNCHING STANDARDS, here are my top choices for an impressive, delicious and hassle-free brunch in New York City:



  1. Fantastic food
  2. Unlimited drinks option
  3. Little or no wait
  4. Budget friendly
  5. Uniqueness factor



Brunch, new york city, crema, mexican

Location: Chelsea

Type: Mexican/French

What I ate: Chile Relleno with unlimited mimosas

Price: $25

Standards Met: 1-5

My favorite no-hassle brunch location. You can make reservations on the Yelp app for a large group of people a few days in advance, and just walk in for smaller parties. I came in with six girls, and had only made reservations three days beforehand. The food was not only beautiful but also delicious. The servers were super attentive and they kept the mimosas coming. All my out-of-town visitors were impressed and I was relieved to have chosen it.

Amy Ruth’s 

amy ruth's, brunch, harlem

Location: Harlem

Type: Comfort food

What I ate: “The Rev. Al Sharpton” a.k.a. Fried Chicken and Waffles (dark meat)

Price: $12

Standards Met: 1, 3, 4, 5

Have you ever had fried chicken and waffles? Like REALLY experienced it? 100% maple syrup included? Amy Ruth’s supplies mouthwatering comfort food in a local environment, unlimited space for groups of hungry brunchers and with a side of mac & cheese and collard greens, you won’t have to eat for a month afterward.

Jing Fong

Jing Fong, chinatown, dim sum

Location: Chinatown

Type: Dim Sum

What I ate: A lot of dumplings…

Price: $11-20 range

Standards Met: 1-5

Every time I come here, I am overwhelmed by smells and sounds and hoards of people. Be prepared for a huge banquet hall of hungry people where carts of food will roll up to your table and servers will bicker with you to purchase a plate from them. But…this is why it’s so fun. Bring a few friends and go to Chinatown to experience one of the craziest dining experiences in the city. You’ll be stuffed until the next day, and you’ll only be about $11 in the hole.

Have you found any brunch gems lately? Let me know where they are @maryinmanhattan.


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